On Web Service Outages

404 errorPerhaps there’s nothing like a service outage to underscore the importance of web services. After all, nobody likes getting a 404 error page when surfing the net, specially when you have an important task in mind, like paying your bills online or researching some information you need for an overdue report. Indeed, when it comes to web services, you can say that reliability is just as important as security.

Despite the importance of reliability and the efforts of hosting companies to deliver in this aspect, outages are still a common occurrence. In fact, PCWorld reports that Outage Analyzer‘s figures show more than 9000 service outages in the last 5 months, for a daily average of 53 service outages going on at the same time in different parts of the world. The figures stated include both full outages, wherein all pages and services in a website are down, and partial outages.

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